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Notebook Computers

latitudexpip133.jpg (4956 bytes)
Dell Latitude XPi P-133 24MB, 2GB, 11.5" TFT

Retail: $569
Our Price: $439

thinkpad701cs.jpg (32423 bytes)
IBM ThinkPad 701CS 486DX4-75 8MB, 500MB, 19.2k, 10.4"

Retail: $349
Our Price: $259
thinkpad365e.jpg (17189 bytes)
IBM ThinkPad 365E Cyrix 5x86-100 8MB, 540MB, 10.4"

Retail: $399
Our Price: $289
thinkpad760ld.jpg (19188 bytes)
IBM ThinkPad 760LD P-90 8MB, 1GB, 10.4" TFT

Retail: $499
Our Price: $329
thinkpad365x.jpg (4989 bytes)
IBM ThinkPad 365X P-133 24MB, 1GB, 11.3"

Retail: $549
Our Price: $449
thinkpad760xl.jpg (28297 bytes)
IBM ThinkPad 760XL P-166 MMX 16MB, 2.1GB, 12.1" TFT

Retail: $719
Our Price: $579
toshiba2065cds.jpg (3404 bytes)
Toshiba 2065CDS AMD K6/2-366, 32 MB, 4GB, 24X, 3-Com 56K, 12.1"

Our Price: $1,199


Handheld Computers & PDA & Calculators

hp48gx.jpg (6030 bytes)
HP 48GX Graphic Expandable 128 kB

Our Price: $129

philipsnino210.jpg (13613 bytes)
Philips Nino 210, 8MB,
Win CE

Retail: $299
Our Price: $199
philipsnino320.jpg (18708 bytes)
Philips Nino 320 8MB, Win CE with Click-on Modem

Retail: $445
Our Price: $279
sharphc4500.jpg (23023 bytes)
Sharp HC-4500, Color, 16MB, 33.6K Modem, PCMCIA, Win CE 2.0, MS Pkt Office

Our Price: $369
sharphc4600.jpg (10491 bytes)
Sharp HC-4600, Color, 16MB, 33.6K Modem, PCMCIA, Win CE 2.0, MS Pkt Office

(Thinner and Lighter than HC-4500)
Our Price: $429
palmIII.jpg (17329 bytes)
3COM Palm III with HotSync Cradle

Retail: $229
Our Price: $199


2-way Family Radios
(All with 2-mile range, 14 FRS channels, No license required)

motorolatalkaboutplus.jpg (18159 bytes)
Motorola Talkabout Plus
(Dark Pewter)

Retail: $125 each
Our Price: $79 each

talkabout270.jpg (11701 bytes)
Motorola Talkabout 270 SLK
(Baltic Purple)

Retail: $139 each
Our Price: $91 aach
northwestbell.jpg (11258 bytes)
Northwest Bell

Retail: $79 each
Our Price: $49 Each


Digital Cameras

Fuji DX-5, 2MB, with Flash

Retail: $189
Our Price: $149

relisysdc3500.jpg (15321 bytes)
Relisys DC 3500, 2MB,
with Timer and Flash

Retail: $169
Our Price: $129
vivicam2700.jpg (15466 bytes)
Vivitar vivicam 2700, 2MB,
with 1.8" Color LCD

Retail: $199
Our Price: $169


Computer Miscellaneous

officejet520.jpg (4921 bytes)
HP Officejet 520 All in one Color Printer/Copier/Scanner/Fax

Retail: $209
Our Price: $179

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