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Fuji DX-5 Lightweight 640 x 480 Digital Camera w/ Built-In Flash

Manufacturer's Model # DX-5
These units are refurbished  

     The Fuji DX-5 Digital Camera has the budget conscious customers in mind. Fuji eliminated the LCD monitor to keep the cost down, but kept all of the key features as SmartMedia?, resolution, immediate image access, etc. Fuji added an Automatic Pop-up Flash and Optical Viewfinder to ensure outstanding picture quality. The Fuji DX-5 digital camera is small and lightweight and uses the ultra-compact SmartMedia removable storage media for unlimitied picture taking capability and immediate access to images. And now with the New optional Floppy Disk Adapter, the Fuji DX-5 digital camera with SmartMedia? is truly compatible with every computer.


350,000 Square Pixel CCD
Along with the precision of 350,000 pixels in an array of 640 x 480 pixels, the DX-5 has the advantage of square pixels specially for a digital camera. They eliminate the bother of adjusting the ratio of horizontal and vertical dimensions when an image is input to a PC. The DX-5 also gives you the accuracy of an RGB colour filter - the key to natural colours and minimal "noise".

TV-Fujinon Lens
The DX-5 has a TV-Fujinon lens that experts have acclaimed for its performance in professional broadcast cameras. It combines a sharp clear image with minimal chromatic aberration.

Optical Viewfinder

The DX-5's Optical Viewfinder makes composition as comfortable and natural as it is with a 35mm camera. It also minimises shaking during a shot.

Unlimited SmartMedia? Card Storage
Images are recorded on a removable SmartMedia? Card, so you can always replace one that’s full. The innovative memory card is ultracompact and only 0.76mm thick -amazing! And the DX-5 makes it easy to balance quality and quantity requirements by choosing the Normal Mode to capture 30 images or the Fine Mode for 22 shots on a 2MB card.

JPEG Compatibility

The DX-5 store images in Fujifilm’s original Exif format, which is based on the JPEG standard. With this compatibility, there’s no problem transferring images to the most widely used PC applications.

Built-In Flash
With the built-in Auto Flash on your side, you’ll be ready for any light. And the four flash modes make success easy, including a mode that reduces the red-eye effect - a problem that ruins many flash portraits.


Take a Trip
Slip the Fuju DX-5 into your pocket and head off into the sunset. Create unique postcards from the trip of a lifetime, or send pictures of exotic locations over the Internet. You can even hook the camera up to your TV and entertain the neighbors with a slide show when you get back.

Liven Up Your E-mail
Selling something over the Net? Add a picture and watch the interest factor soar. You can liven up casual e-mails with your own photos, or add a self-portrait to your personal web site. However you use it, the Fuji DX-5 livens up your life on-line.

Check Your Buying Decisions

If you're an international buyer, take digital snapshots of your find and send them to the boss via e-mail. Double check your instincts before investing the company's hard won cash.

Digitize Graphic Design Concepts
Give concrete expression to your design concepts using the Fuji DX-5 for original visuals. Or customize your ideas with shots taken in client offices. No more time-consuming scans and messy photo collages!

Show the Dream House
The Fuji DX-5 is hot property for estate agents. If a house needs a quick sale, use it to add pictures to a PC based prospectus or to create a visual database. You can fax PC printouts far more easily than photographs and re-use the pictures for local newspaper advertisements.

Create Visual Evidence
The best record an insurance company can have is a digital photo. It can be saved immediately, making it easy to access and virtually impossible to lose. So when the claim finally comes to court several months down the line, you'll be able to retrieve the details and the visual evidence in a matter of seconds. And enjoy a lot more filing cabinet space in the meantime.

Develop Retail Brochures
You can respond quickly to customers, even if you don't have retail premises. Just take digital photos in your warehouse and send them electronically, or use them to create an instant brochure.

Bring Your Vision to Life
Describing a location without pictures is like trying to paint without colors. Let the Fuji DX-5 convey your vision to the film producer, art director or TV company within minutes, from anywhere in the world. The list of potential applications is endless. Why stop here? Let the Fuji DX-5 capture your imagination as well as your images.


Fuji DX-5 Digital Camera CCD Sensor 1/3-inch CCD with 350,000 square pixels
Fuji DX-5 Digital Camera Resolution 640x480 pixels
File format JPEG (Exif)
Fuji DX-5 Digital Camera Storage media SmartMedia? Card (3.3V and 5V)
Number of images
Mode 2MB 4MB
Normal 30 60
Fine 22 44


Fuji DX-5 Digital Camera Lens focal length f = 5.7 mm (equivalent to 38 mm with a 35 mm camera)
Fuji DX-5 Digital Camera Lens/Aperture TV-Fujinon lens with 2 steps (F3.1/F8)
Fuji DX-5 Digital Camera Focus distance 70 cm/28 in. to infinity
Fuji DX-5 Digital Camera Sensitivity Equivalent to ISO 150 (ISO 200 with flash)
Fuji DX-5 Digital Camera Exposure control TTL Aperture-Priority AE
Fuji DX-5 Digital Camera White balance 5500K fixed
Fuji DX-5 Digital Camera Shutter speeds 1/4~1/5,000 sec.
Fuji DX-5 Digital Camera Viewfinder Reverse Galilean optical viewfinder
Fuji DX-5 Digital Camera Flash Built-in Auto Flash with 3.6 m/12 ft.range
Output Digital: Mini DIN (9 pin) for serial interface
Fuji DX-5 Digital Camera Power source 2 AA batteries, AC power adapter
Fuji DX-5 Digital Camera Dimensions 112 (W)x66 (H)x40 (D) mm/4.4 (W)x2.6 (H)x1.6 (D) in.
Fuji DX-5 Digital Camera  Weight Approx. 160 g/5.6 oz. excluding batteries, strap and SmartMedia? Card
Accessories included with the Fuji DX-5 digital camera 2MB SmartMedia? Card
2 AA alkaline batteries
Serial cables for Windows ® and Macintosh ®
CD-ROMs (interface software and PhotoEnhancer?) for Windows ® andMacintosh ®
Hand strap

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These units are refurbished and come with the following warranty
  • Warranty Length: This product comes with 90 day parts and labor  warranty.
  • Coverage: Warranty covers repair (includes parts and labor) or replacement of a defective product.
  • Provider: This warranty is provided by Fuju
  • Contact: Should you require warranty service, please contact  Fuji
  • For Parts 800-659-3854 x 33 Repairs x 34
  • Tech Questions: Please call 800-659-3854 x 3346 or 2693
  • Service Location: Service is provided at a mail-in location.
  • Service Time: Please allow approximately two weeks for warranty service.

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