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HP 48GX Graphic Expandable Calculator (New)

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Manufacturer's Part #: 48GX
This product is Brand New.


  • Built-in equation library. More than 300 scientific and engineering equations.
  • Object-oriented programming. Create applications quickly and easily.
  • HP MatrixWriter application. View, enter and manipulate arrays.
  • HP EquationWriter application. View equations and formulas just as you would in a textbook or on paper.
  • HP Solve application. Solve for any variable without rewriting your equation.
  • Infrared Communications. Send files between HP 48G/GX calculators, and to the infrared printer (optional).
  • Connect to your Mac or PC with an optional connectivity kit.

The most powerful RPN graphing calculator available

With the HP 48GX, you can take on the toughest equations from the classroom or lab and make sense of them. And since its memory and functions are expandable with plug-in cards, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Customizable with plug-in cards. Expand the HP 48GXs memory from 128KB up to 1280 KB, or select from a wealth of third-party applications.

Product name/Model Number 48GX
Physical Features
Display 8 line x 22 char. LCD
Entry system logic RPN
Menus, prompts, alpha messages, softkeys Yes
RAM/no of variables or registers 128 KB, unlimited within available memory
Built-in functions Over 2300
Redefineable keyboard and menu keys Yes
Math and Statistical Features
+, -, x, /, sq. root, 1/x, +/-, 1nx, ex, n!, yx, logx, 10x, x2, %, pi Yes
Fractions Yes
Trig., Hyperbolic, HP Solve (root finder) Yes
Numeric integration/ Complex number functions Yes
Statistical analysis Multivariate/stat
SUM x, SUM x2, SUM y, SUM y2, SUM xy Yes
Sample standard deviation/ mean/ weighted mean Yes
Linear regression, combinations, permutations Yes
Curve fit (LN ,LOG, EXP, POW) Yes
Normal, X, t, F distribution Yes
Scientific Features
Decimal hrs/hrs.min.sec. conversions Yes
Polar/ rectangular and angle conversions Yes
Base conversions and arithmetic Yes
Unit conversions Yes
Bit, Boolean operations Yes
Vector and Matrix Operations
Matrix operations, rectangular and polar Yes
Cylindrical, spherical Yes
HP matrix writer, row and column operations Yes
APLETS (built-in or added applications including Note and Sketch menus) No
Notepad Yes (through variables)
Graphing Functions with interactive graphics 3D
Customizing Features
Method HP Solve/RPL
No. of steps/formulas or programs/ formulas Unlimited within available memory
Optional Infra-red Printer, HP 82240B Yes
Computer Link Yes
Two-way Infra-red I/O Yes
Batteries 3 x AAA
Additional Features The 48GX offers the additional features of: 2D/3D plotting and graphics; algebra, quadratic and polynomial. Calculus, symbolic, numeric, integration, and differentiation; business features; constants and equations. The 48GX has expansion capabilities of 2 slots for multiple applications and up to 1280 KB of memory.

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This product is Brand New and includes the following warranty:
  • Warranty Length: This product comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Coverage: The warranty covers repair of the product.
  • Provider: This warranty is provided by Hewlett Packard.
  • Technical Support: Should you require warranty service or technical support on this product, please phone Hewlett Packard's Technical Support line at 970-392-1001.

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