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ibmlogo (9410 bytes)IBM ThinkPad 760LD with Intel Pentium 90MHz,
8MB RAM, 1.0GB Hard Drive, 10.4" TFT Active

Manufacturer's Part # 9547-U31
This product is refurbished.
CD-ROM, software and manuals are not included.


  • Intel Pentium 90/60MHz processor with integrated numeric coprocessor
  • 256KB L2 Cache
  • 8MB (70ns) non-parity RAM, expandable to 40MB
  • 1.0GB Hard Drive
  • 10.4-inch (maximum viewable measured diagonally) display
  • Trident Cyber9320 video controller with 1MB VRAM
  • 16-bit stereo, SoundBlaster compatible audio
  • Two (IR) transceivers (front & back)
  • Software and manuals not included
  • Intellesale.Com does not warranty the life of the battery or the battery itself.


Processor Intel Pentium 90/60MHz with integrated numeric coprocessor
Cache 256KB L2
System Memory 8MB (70ns) non-parity
Expandable to 40MB
Hard Drive 1.0GB
Diskette Drive 3.5-inch 1.44MB
Display 10.4-inch (maximum viewable measured diagonally) display
Black Matrix VGA, TFT Color LCD
Up to 640 x 480 resolution and 16M colors
100:1 contrast ratio
Video Support VESA 32-bit accelerated local bus video, 1MB Video memory (VRAM) for exceptional video performance; Trident Cyber9320 video controller
Audio 16-Bit Stereo SoundBlaster compatible Audio
18-voice MIDI FM synthesis
Integrated microphone and speakers (.5 watts)
Includes audio in/out jacks (for microphone/ headphones) and slide volume control.
PCMCIA slots Two Type I (or Type II) or, one Type III. If additional slots are required, the optional 2 slot (NOT INCLUDED) Front Access PCMCIA Cartridge (#84G1308) may be placed in the UltraBay (special bay) which provides an additional two Type I (or Type II) or, one Type III.
Infrared (IR) Two (IR) transceivers (front & back
Preinstalled software provides wireless file transfer, file synchronization, and clip board data transfer.
Ports Enhanced parallel, 9-pin serial port, mouse/numeric keypad/keyboard port, and SVGA (external display) port.
UltraBay Replace the 760LDs CD-ROM with a second battery (li-lon or NiMH), a diskette drive, a second hard drive (up to 1.2GB on 760LD)- requires the second HDD adapter option (29H9333)(NOT INCLUDED)
Keyboard Full-size keyboard with TrackPoint III (enhanced over the trackpoint II integrated pointing device) and built-in numeric keypad. Automatically tilts for easy access to FDD bay, CD-ROM, HDD bay and battery.

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This product is refurbished and includes the following warranty:

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